Our aim is to better understand how small biological molecules function in the context of complex natural systems and what happens when these systems are purturbed.  For example we focus on developing highly efficeint analytical approaches for comprehensive analysis of metabolites in cells, tissue and bio-fluids and applying these to understand how fundamental metabolic processes are altered in disease. We apply a multi-technique approach, including metabolomics, live cell imaging and real-time analysis of metabolism, to focus on comprehensive molecular phenotyping and capturing small molecule interactions at a systems-wide level.

We work highly collaboratively on a wide range of diseases and conditions including diabetes, obesity, heart disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, cancer and inborn errors of metabolism. We are also particularly interested in identifying therapeutic targets and developing a better understanding of changes in metabolism to help in early detection of disease, identifying aetiological trajectories and finding molecular level biomarkers for monitoring the effectiveness of new treatment approaches. If you are interested working collaboratively then please contact James McCullagh.