McCullagh Group Publications

  • Methyl gallate – Rich fraction of Syzygium coriaceum leaf extract induced cancer cell cytotoxicity via oxidative stress

    Rummun, N, Pires, E, McCullagh, J, Claridge, TWD, Bahorun, T, Li, WW, Neergheen, VS
  • Interferon-stimulated gene products as regulators of central carbon metabolism.

    Ebrahimi, KH, Gilbert-Jaramillo, J, James, WS, McCullagh, JSO
  • Terminalia bentzoë, a Mascarene Endemic Plant, Inhibits Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells Growth In Vitro via G0/G1 Phase Cell Cycle Arrest.

    Rummun, N, Rondeau, P, Bourdon, E, Pires, E, McCullagh, J, Claridge, TDW, Bahorun, T, Li, W-W, Neergheen, VS
  • Hypoxia and hypoxia mimetics differentially modulate histone post-translational modifications.

    Hsu, K-F, Wilkins, SE, Hopkinson, RJ, Sekirnik, R, Flashman, E, Kawamura, A, McCullagh, JSO, Walport, LJ, Schofield, CJ
  • TibetanPHD2, an allele with loss-of-function properties

    Song, D, Navalsky, BE, Guan, W, Ingersoll, C, Wang, T, Loro, E, Eeles, L, Matchett, KB, Percy, MJ, Walsby-Tickle, J, McCullagh, JSO, Medina, RJ
    et al
  • Mechanism of Diol Dehydration by a Promiscuous Radical-SAM Enzyme Homologue of the Antiviral Enzyme Viperin (RSAD2).

    Honarmand Ebrahimi, K, Rowbotham, JS, McCullagh, J, James, WS
  • Anion-exchange chromatography mass spectrometry provides extensive coverage of primary metabolic pathways revealing altered metabolism in IDH1 mutant cells.

    Walsby-Tickle, J, Gannon, J, Hvinden, I, Bardella, C, Abboud, MI, Nazeer, A, Hauton, D, Pires, E, Cadoux-Hudson, T, Schofield, CJ, McCullagh, JSO
  • Viperin, through its radical-SAM activity, depletes cellular nucleotide pools and interferes with mitochondrial metabolism to inhibit viral replication.

    Ebrahimi, KH, Howie, D, Rowbotham, JS, McCullagh, J, Armstrong, FA, James, WS
  • ddhCTP produced by the radical‐SAM activity of RSAD2 (viperin) inhibits the NAD+‐dependent activity of enzymes to modulate metabolism

    Honarmand Ebrahimi, K, Vowles, J, Browne, C, McCullagh, J, James, WS
  • Systematic characterization of chromatin modifying enzymes identifies KDM3B as a critical regulator in castration resistant prostate cancer

    Sarac, H, Morova, T, PIRES, E, MCCULLAGH, J, Kaplan, A, Cingöz, A, Bagci-Onder, T, Önder, T, KAWAMURA, A, Lack, N
  • Systematic characterization of chromatin modifying enzymes identifies KDM3B as a critical regulator in castration resistant prostate cancer.

    Saraç, H, Morova, T, Pires, ELISABETE, McCullagh, JAMES, Kaplan, A, Cingöz, A, Bagci-Onder, T, Önder, T, Kawamura, AKANE, Lack, NA
  • Identification of Circulating Genomic and Metabolic Biomarkers in Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma.

    Winter, H, Kaisaki, PJ, Harvey, J, Giacopuzzi, E, Ferla, MP, Pentony, MM, Knight, SJL, Sharma, RA, Taylor, JC, McCullagh, JSO
  • ADGRL4/ELTD1 Silencing in Endothelial Cells Induces ACLY and SLC25A1 and Alters the Cellular Metabolic Profile.

    Favara, DM, Zois, CE, Haider, S, Pires, E, Sheldon, H, McCullagh, J, Banham, AH, Harris, AL
  • Limitations of Deuterium-Labelled Substrates for Quantifying NADPH Metabolism in Heterotrophic Arabidopsis Cell Cultures.

    Smith, EN, McCullagh, JSO, Ratcliffe, RG, Kruger, NJ
  • Abcc5 Knockout Mice Have Lower Fat Mass and Increased Levels of Circulating GLP-1.

    Cyranka, M, Veprik, A, McKay, EJ, van Loon, N, Thijsse, A, Cotter, L, Hare, N, Saibudeen, A, Lingam, S, Pires, E, Larraufie, P, Reimann, F
    et al
  • Nitric Oxide Modulates Metabolic Remodeling in Inflammatory Macrophages through TCA Cycle Regulation and Itaconate Accumulation.

    Bailey, JD, Diotallevi, M, Nicol, T, McNeill, E, Shaw, A, Chuaiphichai, S, Hale, A, Starr, A, Nandi, M, Stylianou, E, McShane, H, Davis, S
    et al
  • Mass Spectrometry

    MCCULLAGH, J, Oldham, N
  • Metabolomics reveals diet-derived plant polyphenols accumulate in physiological bone.

    Alldritt, I, Whitham-Agut, B, Sipin, M, Studholme, J, Trentacoste, A, Tripp, JA, Cappai, MG, Ditchfield, P, Devièse, T, Hedges, REM, McCullagh, JSO
  • Oxidation Resistance 1 Modulates Glycolytic Pathways in the Cerebellum via an Interaction with Glucose-6-Phosphate Isomerase.

    Finelli, MJ, Paramo, T, Pires, E, Ryan, BJ, Wade-Martins, R, Biggin, PC, McCullagh, J, Oliver, PL
  • A Noninvasive Comparison Study between Human Gliomas with IDH1 and IDH2 Mutations by MR Spectroscopy.

    Shen, X, Voets, NL, Larkin, SJ, de Pennington, N, Plaha, P, Stacey, R, McCullagh, JSO, Schofield, CJ, Clare, S, Jezzard, P, Cadoux-Hudson, T, Ansorge, O
    et al